Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hi, Remember me?

OH MY GOD! I can't believe that I'm actually writing again, it's been forever since I wrote something. As in Oh My God, it's been 7 months.... SEVEN EFFIN' MONTHS! *insert so shocked selfie here*
To my readers, if ever you are still there, I am so sorry. I hope, from now on, you'll still read my oh-so-ever boring posts filled with unfiltered and disorganized and impulsive thoughts. :)

First off, what have I been doing this past few months? Nothing, really. Just went to Disneyland and college.
Seriously, being a student is hard but being a college student with a BS Secondary Education course and a major in General Science is difficult.

I literally missed out in everything, in life. But I am really thankful I survived that hellish semester. Anyway, more of that in my next posts.

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Less is More

Hurray for a normal-ish look post! And for my 50th post! *pats back* Hehe. So, as what I've mentioned on my previous post, my friend Joice was my photographer that #BU5 day. And boy, they're not blurred anymore! *patting your back* hehehe. Thanks so much for snap and snappin'! <3

On to my outfit, so yeah, less is more. The art of wearing less and gaining more umph is awesome. I seldom attain that though. Hehe. It's like 'simple yet classy' type of viewpoint. For my 'Less is More' outfit, I settled with the theme: Black & White, and the usual combo - shirt and pants.

I paired a cropped shirt over a pair of black denim pants. I guess I followed the dress code that day. Lol. Many bloggers were wearing cropped tops (not like this one, the fitted ones) and man, their bodies are so toned! Nahiya ako sa tiyan ko haha. Pero swear, they're so sexy they have every right to wear such ensembles. Kailan ko kaya maaachieve yun? Lol.

Ugh. Epic face.
 Once again, epic face came out. Nagiisip ako ng pose niyan.
Lagi yan, pikit-mata pose. Hehe.
 Added a hint of red (Victoria's Secret lippie & my nails) and gold (accessories) to my outfit
Top & earrings from FOREVER21
Pants from FOREVER21
I got it for only Php555, I think they're still on sale (at any branch).
 Bag from Charles & Keith
 Casio watch; Mel's Collection ring
 Boots from SM Parisian

What do you think?

Thanks for dropping by!


Hey people! How was your summer? Yes, yes, it's already the month of June. The month where we all wake up early, dress up for school, eat lunch while cramming over paperworks, go crazy over homework, sleep late and repeat 'em all over for the next 10 months. But the best thing is, we get to meet our classmates/blockmates/friends/fave profs. Isn't it ironic? We have ten full months of schooling and a two-month summer, but we end up seeing our friends more while in school. Well, just saying. I wish we have Phineas & Ferb's summertime. I wish us all a very happy and successful school year! Let's be more productive this year, aight? :)

Anyway, on to the topic of this post. Me and my good friend Joice started our month attending the BLOGGERS UNITED V at SMX Convention Center. Though we were incomplete and fashionably late (eh? haha), we enjoyed the whole thing. We even had some REAL funny moments, the really really funny ones. Right, Joice? :) It was easier to chat and snap with our favorite bloggers 'cause of the few people swarming (haha what a term) around the area. But I gotta admit, it's not the same without our girlfriends Isha & Lor.. *tears* If ever you two are reading this, we MUST go altogether again this December, do you hear me?

I've got no words na so let the ill-looking photos speak to you. My apologies, I forgot to borrow my momma's iPhone so I used my good ol' Samsung S Duos instead. Hehe. Enjoy. :)

 with the Enciso sisters (Vern & Verniece)
 with Alyssa Lapid
 with Ana Gonzales
 with The Walkie Talkies (Raleene & Rizza Cabrera)
with Camille Co

We were actually waiting for her the moment we stepped in inside the event, luckily we spotted her right after we ate our fill. And we had our pictures taken with her before we left the venue too.

 with David Guison
Lorraine, are you seeing this?
 Just had to post this! Hehe. When we got in, we saw her doing an interview so we didn't bother to walk up and get pictures with her. It's just rude to interfere. But she went missing right after that so we missed the chance and had to settle with this - emote emote photo with her standee.
 Camille doing an interview with some students/fans
 The Divine Lee hosting for the Globe segment
saw a full-body mirror so snap snap and away hehe
 with Stephanie Dy & Mariel Ying
 So sweeeeet... :'>
 with Lissa Kahayon
 with Cheyser Pedregosa
 with Dani Barretto
 with Danika Rio Navarro
with Dominique Tiu
Finally! I was so psyched that I get to meet her that day though wala sina Enzo and Joanna Ladrido.
She's so kind and beautiful! She even gave (well, I requested) my tita a video message! I bought a top from her and gave it to my tita, she was so happy she almost killed me. Lol.
 with Honey Andrada - the one responsible for us getting to the Guest List. Hehe.
 with Krissy Cruz
 with Mikyle Quizon! First time meeting him
 with Marj Sia
 with the Encisos again hehe
 with Laureen Uy

We saw her on our way out to grab food and man, she's so sexy and so surrounded with fans before she even got in hehe. And she remembered me.. :'> I said, 'Ms. Laureen, can I have a picture with you?' and then she said, 'Oh! I remember you!'. #thatmoment <3

with The Maggie Wilson
And boy, she is hot,hot,hot.
 with Nicole Andersson
 with Seph Cham
 with Gelo Arucan
 with The Divine Lee
Our photoshoot (?) with her was so awesome and funny.
A down-to-earth person. <3

and with my friend (?) Kookie Buhain

It's really really nice talking to her, it was like I was chatting with my old friend.
I hope I get to see you again, Kookie. <3

Actually, many bloggers remember me now (like Stephanie Dy,Mariel Ying, Krissy Cruz, Alyssa Lapid, David Guison, Patricia Prieto, Laureen Uy) - with my constant visit,chatting and picture-taking with them and all that. It's really really nice to be remembered by the people you idolize. That feeling when you walk up and see them, they're like 'Oh hey, Aerielle! Kakarating mo lang?'. They are like my friends now. I hope we'll stay like this forever. Hehe. :)

 Bought the Divine Lee's pin from Gelo for Php100, Divine Lee's bracelet for Php30 only, FREE BMS pins at Laureen's booth, and AnaGon rings for Php100.

Plus, as I've mentioned before I bought a top from Domz which is Php400 by the way, I forgot to take a picture but don't worry I'll post it on Instagram soon. :)

Thank you so much Bloggers United for a fun and fashionable experience! See you this December! And this time, the FOUR fangirls we'll be back. :)

Ended our day with a bang.
We almost missed this because of me - shooting for lookpost.

I would like to thank my girlfriend Joicellene for being well, Joicellene and for being my eyes when I can't see  ('cause I didn't bring my eyeglasses), my photographer (Congratulations! Di na blurred! hehehe), the person who helped me cope up with all the stares people were giving us because of my outfit (is it a sin to dress up?), and the one who accompanied me (despite the time but still accompanied me) at the relaxing lobby of Heritage Hotel while waiting for my family to  pick me up.
I love you friend, you know that. <3

And to Patricia and Lorraine, I love you too. That's why we need to be together again, do you understand? I miss you girls! :* <3

Thanks for dropping by!